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Nitrox diving course.

Nitrox in Aqaba

With warm water, shallow reefs, and a maximum dive depth of 30m, the Red Sea of Aqaba is perfect for nitrox diving. Diving with nitrox allows you to maximize your bottom time, and get the most out of your dives. At Arab Divers, diving with nitrox is easy, whether you choose guided dive, plan to combine nitrox diving with a course, or just want to try it.

Certified nitrox divers

We Provide Nitrox with Extra Charge (32%, maximum two tanks per day) if you pre-book your diving with us. Our boats and the dive center are equipped with a nitrox data log book, and an oxygen analyzer to check your mix before diving.

Not nitrox certified?

There are many ways to experience diving with nitrox (minimum age 12 years).

During a PADI Open WaterAdventure, or Advanced Course

Student divers can try nitrox with extra charge during training dive 4 of the PADI Open Water Course, or during any PADI Adventure/Advanced course dive. Enriched Air/Nitrox may be chosen as an elective dive for PADI Adventures in Diving/Advanced course.

PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty Course

Divers who complete PADI Discover Enriched Air/Nitrox, or the Enriched Air/Nitrox Adventure Dive, may count their experience towards the PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty certification.

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