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Underwater Scuba Diving

PADI scuba courses.

Does PADI expire?


First of all, your PADI certifications never expire! When you decide on a beginner program, you have several options depending on how much time and money you want to invest in your new hobby.

The Discover Scuba Diver program is where most people have their first contact with the fascinating underwater world. A DSD will be registered with PADI and be under your name for other dive centers online. The Discover Scuba Diver is an experience, but is not a course with certification and the validity is not unlimited like for the other levels. You can continue with the same instructor towards your Open Water certificate. When you want to continue with another instructor or dive centre you will repeat the first basic skills you learned already.

You can start with a scuba diver certificate, which you can obtain in 1-2 days. This level enables you to participate in guided dives up to 12 meters under the supervision of a professional, for example, a Divemaster or Instructor. You will go through your personal PADI materials to develop your theory knowledge about physics and all other aspects of diving. This certification never expires, and you can upgrade anytime towards the Open Water Diver level. For the upgrade, consider 1-2 days for confined water and open water dives, and you will extend your knowledge of dive planning, thus preparing you for the next step, the autonomous diver – the Open Water Diver.

The Open Water Diver certificate opens the door for you to dive activities all over the world in freshwater and in the sea. You are eligible to plan and conduct your dives with your buddy up to 18 meters; you can rent equipment and fill your tanks. In most places, you will find local regulations about diving. Keep yourself updated. Often dives are permitted only with an accredited dive center or your desired dive site is not considered for diving.

With increasing experience, do you wish to find new challenges? Then it's time for the intermediate level, the PADI Adventure, or the PADI Advanced Open Water course. You can continue seamlessly after the open water, or you can take your time with more dives in between. It's up to you. Often, asking dive operators for a minimum level of Advanced Open Water and a certain number of dives to join more difficult dives, like Deep, Wreck or Night dives, Many safari boats operate in areas with more demanding conditions like currents and drifts. There you will be welcomed when you have more experience than the beginner level.

You haven't dived for many years and you think, you don't remember anything anymore? Your itinerary is very tight and you don't want to spend days training in the pool at home? Sign up online for the PADI ReActivate program. You will repeat in 2-3 hours the main points for safe diving, and you can do this in the evening before your refresher dive. Well prepared, you will get a detailed briefing from your guide here at Arab Divers and you will have enough time to practice basic skills in shallow water and work on your buoyancy. Thanks to the calm conditions here in Aqaba, you will enjoy during your refresher dive the famous reefs and your retraining is at the same time your first fun dive!

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