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Aqaba: The Ultimate Destination for Adventure Diving

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

For any diving enthusiast, the ultimate diving experience is something they constantly strive towards. With its breathtaking scenery, rich marine life, and accessible dive sites, Aqaba provides the perfect destination for divers looking to explore the depths of the Red Sea. Here are six reasons why Aqaba scuba diving is so renowned all over the world:

Aqaba dive sites
Gorgon dive sites

Aqaba Coral Reefs

Aqaba is home to some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world. With its crystal clear waters, colorful and healthy coral formations, and a vast array of marine life, divers can explore a true underwater paradise. The reefs are home to a wide variety of fish, turtles, sharks, whale sharks, and other rare creatures.

The World's Most Popular Dive Sites

The dive sites off the coast of Aqaba are some of the most popular in the world. These include the spectacular Lockheed Tristar L1011 passenger plane. The Lockheed Tristar was a passenger plane in service from 1989 to 2004. At the end of its life, it was purchased by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority to be used as an artificial reef and is now a renowned diving site in the area. There's also an underwater military museum that's worth checking out.

Easy Accessibility

Diving in Aqaba is easily accessible for divers of all experience levels and ages. With numerous dive centers and tour operators operating in the area, it’s easy for beginner and experienced divers alike to find the perfect dive trip for their needs. The Red Sea Cruise includes Aqaba in its itinerary, making the destination even more convenient for those looking for an ultimate dive experience.

Diverse Marine Life

Aqaba is home to an amazing array of marine life, ideal for photographers, marine biologists, and scuba divers of all levels. With over 450 varieties of fish, colorful coral formations, and an occasional sighting of rare species such as dolphins, whales, rays, and whale sharks, Aqaba provides the perfect underwater opportunity. Moreover, with its warm waters in summer, divers can enjoy Aqaba's aquatic life without any need to wear a wetsuit.

Reliable Dive Operators

Aqaba is well-serviced with reliable and experienced dive operators. These operators make sure that divers are taking in the beauty of the Red Sea safely while providing essential tips and guidance on finding the best Aqaba dive sites. For those looking to hone their diving skills, many dive centres offer PADI and SSI training courses, making Aqaba the perfect place to develop your diving abilities.

Excellent Visibility

Aqaba’s excellent visibility is another reason why the destination is perfect for diving. Visibility is usually between 25 and 30 meters, making it perfect for underwater photography. With this excellent visibility, divers can get closer to marine life and take in stunning views of the Red Sea.


Aqaba has been a destination of choice for divers for decades. With its unrivaled reefs, diverse marine life, and convenient access, Aqaba is the ideal destination for the ultimate diving experience. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the Red Sea is sure to provide an unforgettable diving experience that you’ll want to relive for years to come.

If you want to experience Aqaba in all its glory, book your vacation with Arab Divers. We offer diving trips that will let you explore the depths of the Red Sea and experience all that the region has to offer. We also offer bed and breakfast at the south beach of Aqaba, so that you can relax and enjoy the beautiful city in between dives. Book your trip with Arab Divers and get ready for the ultimate Aqaba diving experience.

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