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Can you dive without PADI

At the check-in we will ask certified divers for their scuba diving license. It is a document which represents a defined level of your previous training and experience. Diving certificates can be plastic cards, applications on your phone, written and stamped in your logbook or in letterform. There are different levels like beginner, intermediate and professional divers, but also for commercial training and technical divers.

PADI is maybe worldwide the most well-known scuba association and often divers replace the term "diving certification" with "PADI". We hear many times from new arrived divers that they don't have their PADI "only" a certificate from their local agency. Fact is that there are more than 200 international acknowledged diving associations worldwide and at Arab Divers we accept all diving certificates and brevets from other international acknowledged diving associations.

In case you forgot your card at home, no need to stay dry on land during your holiday! PADI, SSI and NAUI are offering the diver verification online, we will ask for your details and after a few minutes you can join the next guided dive. Many other organizations can send you via email an approval of your certificate level, but you need to consider the working hours and give some processing time.

When you plan for continuing education and you have a certificate from another agency we can evaluate your previous experience and you can take the next step in your diver's career with the equivalent PADI course.

Is scuba diving without any certification possible? Yes, of course! Our experienced team will lead you through your first underwater experience in the safest way without missing the fun. You don't need to commit to a complete basic beginner course to blow your first bubbles underwater, there are different options to start.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program gives you a first impression about the equipment and techniques of scuba diving. You will learn the first basic skills in confined water and you can practice with your instructor during an underwater tour in open water. The duration is approximately 2 hours, of course you are not certified to dive on your own afterwards, but it gives you already a credit when you want to continue with your instructor and enroll in a PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Course.

You have only a short time in your holidays available and you didn't give a thought about diving as a new hobby? One and a half hours is enough to find out why people want to spend so much time under the surface. The Try dive is a first time experience in the sea, under the permanent supervision of an instructor. After a short briefing with all essential details for your first dive you practice breathing and equalization of your ears in water shallow enough to stand. As soon as you are confident you explore the colorful coral reefs in Aqaba and you can visit the Tank, a famous wreck in shallow depth of 5-6 meters, a few meters from the beach.

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